Quantum Optics

Instructor : Dr Ata Ul Haq
Term : Fall 2012
Level : Undergraduate
Course Code : PHY 411
Course Status : Physics Core
Course Outline

Course Description

Quantum Optics deals with the study of coherence associated with electromagnetic field. We would first discuss the quantum coherence theory of electromagnetic fields. Phase-space representation will be introduced and discussed. Light-matter interaction would then be studied using concepts of first- and second-quantization. Topical field of light-matter interaction in a cavity will be introduced. Quantum optical experiments which are essential for the understanding of basic assumptions of quantum mechanics are explained. The field of quantum cryptography and computation, using concepts from quantum optics, is discussed briefly.


Date Homeworks Quiz/Midterm
20-Sep-2012 HW 1
24-Oct-2012 HW 2
19-Nov-2012 HW 3 Midterm
1-Dec-2012 HW 4