Course List

Physics Courses in SSE Core

Code Course Title Credits
PHY 101 Mechanics 4
PHY 200 Experimental Physics Lab I 2
PHY 104 Modern Physics 4

Physics Core Courses

Code Course Title Credits
MATH 102 Calculus II 3
PHY 204 Electricity and Magnetism 3
PHY 211 Waves and Optics 3
PHY 212 Quantum Mechanics I 3
PHY 223 Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering -I 3
PHY 300 Experimental Physics II 3
PHY 301 Classical Mechanics 3
PHY 305 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves 3
PHY 312 Quantum Mechanics II 3
PHY 313 Statistical Mechanics 4
PHY 331 Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics 3
PHY 332 Condensed Matter Physics 3
PHY 441 Astrophysics 3
PHY 451 Nuclear and Particle Physics 3
PHY 442 General Relativity 3
PHY 491 Senior Project-I 3
PHY 492 Senior Project-II 3

Physics Major Elective Courses

Code Course Title Credits
PHY 304 Computational Physics 3
PHY 310 Experimental Physics III 3
PHY 323 Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering II 3
PHY 333 Spectroscopy- Theory and Applications 3
PHY 334 Molecular Symmetry 3
PHY 411 Quantum Optics 3
PHY 415 Introduction to Photonics 3
PHY 416 Principles of Optics 3
PHY 422 Lie Groups and their Representations 3
PHY 433 Laser Engineering 3
PHY 434 Introduction to Nanoscience 3
PHY 513 Quantum Theory I 3

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