Guidelines to the MS program

General guidelines for readmission to the MS program:

(a) The readmission will be granted, in general, if one or more of the following conditions were the reason for bad academic performance: (i) Severe and prolonged health issues or medical emergency before some of the exams. For women, child birth or final stage of pregnancy during the semester is also a valid medical ground. (ii) The death of a blood relative before some of the exams. (b) Other than the reasons mentioned above, the requests for readmission will not be accepted unless the student has demonstrated an excellent academic performance in most of the course work and has separated due to bad performance in one or two courses. The performance will be evaluated by the departmental grad committee that will recommend a decision to the chair. (c) If a student is granted readmission, he/she will be able to transfer credits for those courses that he/she has passed with at least a 3.0 GPA. The remaining courses will need to be retaken.

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