4+1 MS Program

Graduates from LUMS with major in Physics are eligible for 4+1 MS Program which provides the opportunity to finish the master’s degree within one year.

Under this program, two of the 400 level courses from their BS degree are counted towards their MS Program. That leaves only 24 credits (equivalent to 8 courses or 6 courses and an MS thesis) to fulfill the MS degree requirement. Further, if they have taken advanced courses of 500 level or above during their BS, they can get them counted towards their MS degree by asking the registrar office to remove them from their BS transcript, further reducing the course requirement for the Masters. However, they must inform the Registrar Office before their BS graduation to count these courses towards the Masters so that they can remove them from their BS transcript. Only two such courses can be counted towards Masters degree.

Core requirement for the students opting for 4+1 program will be set by department on a case to case basis after consultation with their academic advisors.