MS program


Physics, being the most fundamental of sciences, continues to be at the forefront of scientific discoveries making strong connections with other disciplines including chemistry, biology, engineering, information sciences, finance and mathematics. It is also contributing to many new technologies apart from helping us understand nature. The Physics MS program at LUMS is carefully crafted to cater to local needs while recognizing the evolving international trends in graduate level physics education. The curriculum places special emphasis on fundamentals. Learning derives from problem solving and aims at bringing out independent thinking skills. At the same time we greatly cherish in the inter-disciplinary spirit at SSE and encourage exposition of physics applications in a multitude of allied areas. Through our MS program, we envision providing a new generation of innovative researchers and quality teachers to Pakistan. Our graduates will find numerous opportunities working at research and teaching institutes in Pakistan and abroad as well as continuing with their Ph.D. at LUMS as well as other places across the globe. They can also find work in corporate sector. The department already enjoys an excellent record in placements of its undergraduates. KEY FEATURES of the MS Physics Program:

  • A carefully designed core curriculum to provide a solid grounding in the fundamentals of physics.
  • Special emphasis on problem solving skills with a focus on rigor.
  • Reputed faculty active in cutting edge research.
  • Opportunities to work as research and teaching assistants.
  • Opportunity to continue with fully funded Ph.D. at the department on passing the qualifying examination.
  • Latest advancements in the field brought directly to classrooms.
  • Research enriched education.
  • Special emphasis on high quality teaching and development of physics pedagogy.

MS Physics Curriculum and Degree Requirements

To qualify for a MS degree the student must have at least 30 credits of graduate work. Typically, 18 credits comprise of physics core courses. The rest of the credits can be earned by taking elective courses and/or doing a Master’s thesis that comprises of 6 credits. Each MS student will be assigned a graduate adviser. Physics MS Core: The following courses, each one a three credit course, comprise the MS physics core which each student must complete (unless some of the courses are waived by the department for specific cases):

  • Quantum Mechanics 1
  • Quantum Mechanics 2
  • Electrodynamics 1
  • Electrodynamics 2
  • Advanced Statistical Physics
  • Graduate Physics Laboratory

If a core course is waived, the student must complete the remainder of the credits through elective courses or a Master’s thesis. Master’s Thesis: Students can opt to do a Master’s thesis under the supervision of a faculty member. The Master’s thesis will comprise of 6 credits. These 6 credits must be taken over two semesters, with 3 credits in each semester. However, doing a thesis is not mandatory for MS degree. Electives: Apart from core courses, students are required to take advanced elective courses. Students that are not doing MS thesis will require at least 4 elective courses (provided they take all core courses), while those doing thesis can fulfill their MS requirement with two electives. The electives must be at least 500 level courses to be counted towards MS physics requirement. Students can also take electives from other departments in the SSE. At most two elective courses with a non-physics course code will be counted towards MS physics requirement. Any exception to these requirements will be decided by the student’s graduate adviser and will require the approval of the Physics Graduate Program Committee.

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