The Physics undergraduate curriculum comprises three kinds of courses:

  1. Core courses for all SSE students (SC): All students in the School of Science and Engineering (SSE) take these courses.
  2. Core courses for all Physics majors (PC): All students who wish to obtain a BS in Physics must take the physics core.
  3. Elective course for Physics majors: Physics majors have a choice of courses they can select from according to their liking and disposition.

The following table illustrates the various physics courses a student typically takes.

FreshmenSophomore Junior Senior
Mechanics (SC)Experimental Physics One (SC), Electricity and Magnetism (PC) Quantum Mechanics Two (PC), Atomic and Laser Physics (PC), Experimental Physics Two (PC), Classical Mechanics (PC)General Relativity (PC), Senior Project One (PC)
Modern Physics (SC)Quantum Mechanics One (PC), Mathematical Methods One (PC), Waves and Optics (PC)Condensed Matter Physics (PC), Statistical Mechanics (PC), Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (PC)Nuclear and Particle Physics (PC), Senior Project Two (PC)
  1. In the table drawn above, the top row indicates the Fall semester and the bottom row indicates the Spring semester.
  2. Physics majors are required to take only either of Atomic and Laser Physics or Condensed Matter Physics to count for the physics core requirement. If a student takes both, one course will count as Physics Elective.
  3. Physics majors are required to take only either of General Relativity or Particle and Nuclear Physics to count for the physics core requirement. If a student takes both, one course will count as Physics Elective.
  4. For further details and credit hours, see the complete listing of courses here.
  5. Some physics electives that are typically offered include:
  • Computational Physics (Junior Spring)
  • Quantum Optics (Senior Fall)
  • Experimental Physics Three (Junior Spring)
  • Photonics (Junior Spring)
  • Laser Engineering (Senior Spring)
  • Molecular Spectroscopy (Sophomore Spring)
  • Biophysics (Senior Spring)

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