Instructor : Dr Abdul Hameed Nayyar
            Term : Spring 2011
            Level : Undergraduate
            Course Code : PHY 332
           Course Status : Physics Core

Course Outline

Course Description

Structure and properties of materials from classical and quantum mechanical perspectives. Topics covered include crystal structure and lattices; crystal imperfections; diffusion; atomic vibrations; thermal properties of materials; electronic properties of materials with discussions of Fermi-Dirac statistics, the band theory, Fermi surface and Brillouin zone; description of semiconductors; dielectric and magnetic properties of materials Introduction to superconductivity and superfluidity; semi-solid and amorphous materials; surface physics and experimental techniques to probe materials such as X-ray and electron diffraction, surface probe microscopy.

Lecture Notes

Reciprocal lattices
Band Structure


WeekQuizzesAssignmentsProblem Solving SectionsExams
2Quiz 1 SolutionHw 1
3Hw 2
5Quiz 2 SolutionPSS 1
6Midterm 1
7Hw 3
8Hw 4
10Quiz 3 SolutionHw 5
12Quiz 4 SolutionHw 6
13Quiz Solution 5PSS 2
14Hw 7Midterm 2
15Quiz 6 SolutionPSS 3
16Final Exam

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