joy_sheer3 Physics continues to address problems on the frontiers of human knowledge, from fundamental particles and string theory to nanotechnology, optics and lasers, quantum sciences, fluids and electromagnetic waves. The answers to these problems have the potential to profoundly change our understanding of the universe, as well the future of our civilization. The teaching programs in the Physics Department at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) provide foundational education in all of these areas, focusing on fundamental aspects of nature, couched in the language of mathematics and manifest in the myriad applications we see in our daily lives. The Department has world-class teaching laboratories infusing research-oriented learning. Physics majors go on for higher studies in physics as well as allied areas, start new companies, carry out research or teach. Students also have the opportunity to work with Faculty in their research programs. The purpose of this website is to provide essential information about teaching at LUMS’s Physics Department and compile the course material for the wider benefit of Pakistani, regional and international physics communities. Please contact us for suggestions and queries.

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A.H. Nayyar Anzar Khaliq Ata-ul-Haq Adam Zaman Sabieh Anwar Tajdar Mufti Mumtaz Sheikh Muhammad Faryad Ammar Ahmed Moeez Hassan Imran Younus

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